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“Walk to Hogsmeade” wins Lego Ideas’ Harry Potter design contest

This whimsical, forced-perspective design by Disneybrick55 is truly magical!

The winner of the “Recreating a Magical Harry Potter™ Holiday Scene!” contest has been announced and it’s “walk to hogsmeade” by fan designer Disneybrick55. As the winning entry, Disneybrick55 will receive 8 current Lego Harry Potter sets, including 75948 Hogwarts™ Clock Tower, 75947 Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue, and 75957 The Knight Bus™plus a $300 Lego online shopping spree.

“Walk to hogsmeade” uses an amazing forced-perspective design that draws you right into the famous wizarding village. The design features snow-covered shops that fade away into the background of the scene, with three full-sized minifigures in the front and a mini-statue figure in the “rear” that helps drive home the perspective of the scene. It’s an impressive design and definitely warrants the grand prize selection for this contest.

If the name Disneybrick55 sounds familiar, this fan designer is currently racking up the support votes for Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane, which is closing in fast on 7000 supporters. There is little doubt we will see this colorful set soon in a Lego Design Review. Disneybrick55 has two other Disney-themed sets that broke the 1000 supporter mark, Disneyland Vehicles and Mississippi Adventures. We encourage you to click on the links above to support all of these incredible designs.

The “Recreating a Magical Harry Potter™ Holiday Scene!” contest also saw two runner-up selections, each of which will receive 3 Lego Harry Potter sets and a $200 Lego online shopping spree.

Head on over to Lego Ideas to view the winning entries and all of the other fantastic designs.

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