21320 Dino fossils – An awesome LEGO ideas set !

Ok so pretty much most of us love dinosaurs. The gargantuan creatures that roamed the planet for millions of years, has casued major fascinaion with us Humans. Since their first discovery in modern times which was dated to 1819 and discovered by a british fossil hunter Sir william buckland who found and named megalosaursus. I am pretty much sure that over the course of our history other fossils were found prior to this, but non quite as significant.

So we have established dinosaurs are cool and interesting. If you want to see what a dinosaur looked like, then you need only look at the preserved “Mummy dinosaurs ” that have been found in recent years. Dakota a fossilized edmontosaurus found in 1999 in Dakota Usa … and more incredibly the nodosaur that was found by miners in alberta canada , which is probably the most spectacular of all Fossil finds, This dinosaur being 110 millions old , has a clearly visable face, armour plates and body shape preserved, scientists even think its organs might be fossilized in hard stone.

There are no more 3 iconic dinosaurs than the three that appear in LEGO ideas set 21320 Dino fossils, These are the flying dinosaur pteranadon, The plant eater Triceratops, and yes the most awesome and easily recognized T. rex.

So this set was released in Nov of 2019 it comprises of 910 pieces at a retail price of £54.99 and was created by LEGO fan Matt brunn. Fisrlty I love the idea of LEGO fossils , then I start thinking and would I love to see a modular Museum with miniture versions of these dinsoaurs inside as one section.

I was incredilby happy to have got 20 % off the price of the set briniging it to £45.99 at LEGOLAND discovery In manchester (uk) Black friday event.

In true Afol fashion I did procrastinate with the ultimate LEGO Collectors question ” To build or not to build ” Hence this late review. I did eventually open it, I mean lets be honest LEGO isnt much fun in an unopened box.

And when I did open the box there were 6 bag numbers with 6 bags and of course lots of white pieces.

Really liked the 3 seperate instruction booklets, and then the stickers – BOOOOOOO, Thankfully there is only five.

Inside the Instruction book ,as in all ideas sets we get information regarding the Fan designer and The LEGO designer.

And then onto the build and this time we start of with the smallest of the three builds – Petranadon the flying dino, and incredibly in only about 10 minutes this model is finished. I know its only small and definatley the weaker of the thee models But its pretty cool … I think this set 21320 LEGO ideas dino fossils is starting to become well pretty awesome … Swwweeet

Ok so after an incredbily fast 10 minutes i am Hoping for the Triceratops to be a better build, and of course it is – Infact is awesome, the build is exceptional. The light sand horse hitching clips both parts of the body together and then you clip on, the modified claws that have animal tail sections attached. There we have it some awesome LEGO dino ribs..

The Legs are attached to the the base of wich is made of black plates and tiles. LEGO incorporates 1 x 9 technics lift arms used in in both postitions to make the back end of the triceratops looks raised and the front lower.

After you have build the body of the Triceratops and possibly getting confused with the plethora of white pieces that you are inundated with. you are left with only the pelvis and collar bones to build , and these are put together with this new modified brick, 6278936 1 x 2 arch, this really gives the impression of a pelvis and I am super impressed with the highly polished stlye

On to the final bag of the triceratops which is bag 3, and you get the head and tail together, The tail being a pretty straight forward build. Now saying that, the head is a completely different story, and this is put together with 1 x 4 plates, and intrestingly a modified 1 x 2 with a curved top finished with a 1 x 1 half circle.to make it look like a beak

Now i am not going to go completely into the build of this set and the interesting use of wheel arches and the way the legs are finished with 1×4 tiles and 1×1 half circles – However i am going to say this triceratops is awesome , its bulky, sturdy (apart from tail) and looks fantastic . Really happy and now am thinking that LEGO hit the price point exactly on this set.

Tyranosaurus rex, meaning the Tyrant king lizard. Is the most iconic of all dinosaurs, and even before Jurassic park brought the craze of dinosaurs into modern day. The Trex was always known as being the Largest meat eating dinosaur, until the larger more terrifying spinosaurus came along. There is something so intruiging about this particular dinosaur that has kept people fascinanted.

I am hoping this T.rex build does not dissapoint, as this has got to be my favorite of all dinosaurs. We are left with three bags out of six so this is going to take up half the build time and piece count

Bags 4 opened and complete, and we are left with, the same idea of feet attached to a smaller base than that of the triceratops, again awesome use of claws and white horns, a very intellgent way of attaching the heel bones to the leg. And as in the triceratops build the legs are finished with 1 x 6 tiles and half circles. Come on u got to admit – These look Sweet.

With out spoiling the build too much for you, I will yet again say this set is Classic , even falling into the epic spectrum. I cant get over some of the clever uses of bricks, and that horse hithcing with ribs aatached , Pure genuis- Out of the three well priced builds. I am torn between Triceratops and the Trex both are increibly unique in terms of build, and they look so awesome on display. I do like how sturdy the triceratops is and Maybe the trex isnt as sturdy, but is hugley taller. The triceratops has a great bulky feel to it. The t rex does but in a different way. Ahhh descisions

Please check out the BrickGeek podcast for more News and info for this set and more www.anchor.fm/brickgeekz

Verdict : 9.2 / 10

Pros : This set is epic , really awesome using great new building techniques. and priced at a great 54.99 surley this will impress any dinosaur fan. Goes together well and not as puzzling with all the white peices as you might think.

Cons : Very hard to pick any faults with this set so price wise is good , piece count is good and also minifugres included all be it they arent anything special. I will say there are white barbs and various bricks that make the underside of the tail look like its bone structure, unfortunatley these peices are merly stuck to the underside and not attached making them fall off quite often when handling the larger of the 2 builds. And after picking them up and placing them on display they have come off to the point of annoyance.

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