LEGO 71026 Dc Minifigures (1939 +) Awesome or Really Awesome ??

Every year LEGO brings out a range of minifigures sometimes 2 a year sometimes more infact I think in 2018 and 2019 there were more minifigure sets released than any other year . For example we had unikitty , harry potter fantastic beasts , disney series 2, The LEGO movie 2, minifigures sereis 19 – 18 all really nice additions to the minifigure family. Disney series 2 minifigures was super colourful and filled in a few gaps (figures) that where missing from the first series. LEGO series minifgures 19 had the most of all accesories we had seen with any minifugres sets. Now its 2020 we are due for another minifigure series

And here it is and it comes in the shape of LEGO Dc minifigure series. These figures are just what us Dc fans needed, a reminder of the best of DC from 1939 onwards. There are 16 figures in a full set and comprise of a range of iconic and maybe not so iconic Dc characters. All minifigures come with a new transparent modified stud , what gives u the ability to attach your minifigure to the base plate and put them in certian poses – for example superman flying, which i think is superb and its great to see LEGO using new ideas to keep us interested in these most amazing of minifigures. Here’s a run down of all 16 figures

Whos your fave do you think this series is awesome ??? Leave a comment Below .

1 comment on “LEGO 71026 Dc Minifigures (1939 +) Awesome or Really Awesome ??

  1. Frankie doller

    Superman cheetah and huntress look the most fun


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