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Best of BrickGeekz – Our Favorite MOCs (January 10, 2020)

Check out some of our favorite MOCs posted on BrickGeekz - The Community in early January 2020

When Phil and I teamed up to re-launch the BrickGeekz Blog last November, we spent a lot of time discussing what BrickGeekz was all about. I think Phil summarized it perfectly when he wrote the About page for the blog. “BrickGeekz is an online community dedicated to the love of LEGO and plastic bricks,” Phil wrote. “In our community you will find no hate. We encourage interaction and creativity with regular competitions, interactions between fellow BrickGeekz, LEGO photographs and MOCs, and quotes to inspire builders.”

I can’t think of a better word than “community” to describe this group. Because it is a community, in the best possible sense. I see this every day when I scroll through the group and see your latest MOCs, and the photos of your children building their first LEGO sets. And I see it when I read the helpful discussions about buying LEGO or about LEGO building techniques.

Best of all, I see it in the “likes” and all your encouraging comments and playful memes. That, in my opinion, is what sets BrickGeekz part from the other groups online. It’s your group, not ours.

Getting back to the blog, we wanted to use the blog to showcase what’s going on in the BrickGeekz community. That’s why we’ve had a Community link on our menu since the day we launched the blog. We get just as excited about your hard work as you do, and we wanted to use the blog to capture your creations and save it for the future.

So scroll on down to see some of our favorite MOCs that you’ve posted over the last few weeks. While we can’t share all of your posts here, the photos below stood out for their creativity, building techniques, and general “wow!” factor. As it turns out, when I picked these photos, I picked some of the most consistent designers that are sharing their work in the BrickGeekz community. I didn’t know who they were – I just knew these were some really great MOCs. It just goes to show how their work really shines.

What do you think of these MOCs? Be sure to click on the links below to view the original Facebook posts and leave a “Like” or “Comment” while you’re there. And be sure to subscribe to the BrickGeekz Blog to be the first to know when we’ve updated the blog with the latest LEGO news, reviews, and BrickGeekz community updates.

Blacksmith by Tuan Anh

Castle is one of the all-time classic LEGO themes, and every castle needs a blacksmith. I love the use of color here and the fine details of the model, like the crossed swords that form the blacksmith’s sign. I took a peek at Tuan Anh’s posting history on BrickGeekz and found this is part of an elaborate castle MOC with multiple buildings, colorful trees, forest watchtowers, and plenty of knights and villagers. Be sure to click on the link above to check out more of photos of his builds.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth by Jhonette Cruz‎

If I squeezed my toothpaste and LEGO bricks started coming out, I think they’d end up every bit as scary as these little MOCreatures. Just the sight of them alone is enough to make me want to go brush my teeth. Like Tuan Anh above, Jhonette Cruz is a regular poster on BrickGeekz — in fact, he’s been a member of the community for more than 4 years, and the group isn’t much older than that. Johnette’s recent posts iclude an impressive variety of MOCs, primarily mech figures and minifigure displays. Click the link above to view more of his work.

Imperial Legions by Ian Wijaya

I picked these photos almost at random, not knowing anything about the designers behind the builds nor the posts they make in the BrickGeekz community. Ian, like the other designers we’re featuring here, has an ongoing theme to his builds, in this case the ancient Roman empire. Here we see a legion of troops passing through a Roman arch. In other posts to the BrickGeekz community, Ian has shared a Roman warship MOC and a Julias Ceasar villa. Be sure to click on the link above and then click on Ian’s name in Facebook to find more of his creations.

The Child by Wilson Du

Perhaps the only thing we love more than this insanely cute MOC of “Baby Yoda” is the staging of the photos. The scale in the photo below is about as perfect as it can get, with Baby Yoda blending in among some tall uncut grass like he’s walking off the set of “The Mandalorian”. According to the post, Designer Wilson Du built this MOC as an alternate build from LEGO Yoda 75255, with eyes from the LEGO Ideas WALL-E set. We’ve seen many Baby Yoda MOCs show up online but this one may be the best of the lot. The photography – and there’s more photos when you click on the link above – take this little fellow to an entirely new level of cool.

Labratory Rat by Ian Ying

Ian Ying’s Labratory Rat shows us that you can make some really cool builds with a small number of parts. Ian’s been a member of the BrickGeekz community for more than 3 years and has shared some amazing MOCs focused on cars, motorcycles, and engines – plus the occasional rat and pig. We’ll be sure to come back and look at more of Ian’s MOCs in a future blog post, but for now, click on the link above and then click on the Facebook link for Ian’s name to see more of his incredible posts to the BrickGeekz community.

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