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Review – LEGO promotional gift 40337 Gingerbread house (2019)

What do we think about the 2019 Gingerbread House promotional gift? Find out here!

  • Piece count – 481
  • Build time – 1 hr 10 min (if building at a normal pace)
  • 2 instruction booklets
  • Free as a gift if you spend £100 in LEGO store or at LEGO.com

Firstly, if you read the previous blog I wrote on LEGO set 40338 Christmas tree you will know how happy I was with that set. I mean come on it’s a free gift – and it has 398 pieces. Well, do you remember when your mum used to say there is always someone bigger? Well here it is and it comes in the form this exceptional free gift 40337 the 2019 gingerbread house. When I say bigger, I literally mean larger in piece count and not necessarily end product.

In this short article, I am also going to compare this to earlier free gingerbread house from 2015 – LEGO set 40139 gingerbread house ..

So back on to what I was saying initially about this exceptional gift. Firstly it’s made up of a whopping 481 pieces. That’s bigger that a lot of £24.99 sets that you purchase of the shelf, though LEGO has advertised this sets as worth £17.99 and free when you spend £100 or more the LEGO store or online. The “worth 17.99” quote definitely fits into this bracket and I am sure if LEGO were to put these on the shelves to purchase for £17.99 people most certainly would. Why ? Well it’s freaking awesome for a start – look at it. I have to say I am huge fan of the transparent 1 x 1 bricks that sparkle, blue and pink. We get a total of 5 in this set – 3 pink and 2 blue.

When you open the box you are presented with 2 instructions books and 6 bags numbered one to three. That’s a heck of a free gift when you think about it, and this must be the largest piece count of all LEGO free seasonal gifts. The build was similar to a mini expert creator set, with its single and flat studs in an array of colours – transparent blue, pink, yellow, white, grey. I love this, and I get it, most would say it’s not as good as 2015 as it’s not minifigure size, though it’s not really meant to be. I would have to retract my initial stamen and say they are at least on par.

It is modeled on the larger set 10267 gingerbread house – and as you can see side by side it really is its younger brother, they are pretty much bang on. But where are the micro gingerbread man and woman? This would have made this set more collectible than it already is, and possibly caused that chaos that LEGO does when your desperately wanting something you can’t necessarily get. Also to mention there were a few disgruntled people in BrickGeekz who thought the minimum spend was too high. In fact the minimum spend is too high for any of these free gifts – if that is the case then you would have to resort to go to ebay or Amazon and pay a premium. Either way this set is much sought after and an awesome free gift / decoration for Xmas.

I have to say it at first I was unsure about this, and really thought the 2015 version was significantly better. This was another mistake of mine – I was so infatuated with the baubles and crystals of 40338 the Christmas tree I had bypassed this build, and put it down to simply not being as good as 2015, and definitley not as good as that awesome Tree, though the piece count was significantly higher. Well I was wrong this set is really good, and looks like a mini gingerbread house 10267, though not minifigure size as its earlier 2015 counterpart, it has a place as being the younger brother of 10267, and together they look amazing, another triumphant winter set from LEGO and also free gift

Verdict – 8.5 – 10


  • Brilliant for a free gift, nice build and well put together,
  • Looks awesome next to other LEGO Christmas free gifts.


  • Not as cool as 40338 which I found more fun, especially if you get some multicoloured LEDs from a £1 store. But on par with 2015 gingerbread house.
  • No micro gingerbread family (then we would have had a 10).

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