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WINNER @ DARREN NEELY (FB BRICKGEEKZ) – Worldwide LEGO competition – win a full set of series 19 minifigures, or a BrickGeekz minifig

Awesome chance to win a full set of series 19 LEGO minifigures – yes that right, all 16 LEGO series minifigures, One lucky person will be winning a full set on new years ever 2019.

Series 19 minifigs were released in sept 2019 and are one of my favorite series so far, bringing back nostliga- with blacktron, vampire knight and jungle explorer. With Loads of different vibrant colours and tonns of accescories, including new moulds including the most awesome Gardener – (flamingo lady), the sausage dog from the dog walker and the notable poop. LEGO again is triumphant in their approach to make these figures the highest in qualityand superbly unique … I love them all ..

For your chance to win a series 19 LEGO minifigures and a BrickGeekz minifig –

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  • you can enter 2 x more and double your chances
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19 comments on “WINNER @ DARREN NEELY (FB BRICKGEEKZ) – Worldwide LEGO competition – win a full set of series 19 minifigures, or a BrickGeekz minifig

  1. Catherine Mason

    Pizza man and fox



    So many great ones in this set,Fox,pizza guy,shower guy,all great..


  3. My favourite is the rugby player


  4. Terik Birch

    Merry Christmas


  5. Happy holidays! My favorite is #12 The Gardener, because that’s what I am πŸ™‚ I have a greenhouse, and lots of butterfly pea flower trellises, and 8 rottweilers too (no flamingo, real or garden decor so I would like a flamingo πŸ˜‰


  6. My favorite has to be the Blacktron bounty hunter, though the ghost knight and monkey king come in close.


  7. My favourite is the rainbow bear 😍


  8. The fox is adorable!!


  9. Matt Louie Calanog

    Monkey King


  10. I agree with you – series 19 is a personal favourite! I love how almost half of the series are female!
    One of my personal favourites has to be the dog sitter – her expression is hilarious, the DOGS and of course the poop!


  11. my favorite Minifigure is the video game champ! I just love it!


  12. my other favorite lego Minifigure is the galactic bounty hunter


  13. Monkey King for sure!
    Merry Christmas everyone!


  14. Stephen Stauffer

    I have a hard time picking a favorite, but the Mummy Queen is amazing, with her two faces!


  15. Adrian Parnell

    100% Monkey king


  16. Tan Khai Shyan

    Love the dog sitter πŸ’“


  17. Emily Panagiotidou

    The explorer with a cute lizard


  18. wheraaremybricks

    I really appreciate LEGO releases the minifigures that wakes up the nostalgia in every brick lover… my favorite from 19th series is the Blacktron figure. I love it as it reminds me about all those great future/space lego dream sets from the late 80’s and begining of the 90’s

    Liked by 1 person

  19. wheraaremybricks

    I appreciate also the LEGO introduces new objects and animals, love the pink flamingo, dachshund and chameleon. But still the space Blacktron minifigure is my favorite and I would love to see it to complete my Blacktron collection #nostalgiarules

    Liked by 1 person

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