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Who will win the second 2019 LEGO Ideas review?

Find out who we think should win - and will win - the next LEGO Ideas review

The new year has arrived, and that means we will soon learn the results of the second 2019 LEGO Ideas review. The 10 qualifying entries achieved their 10,000 supporters between May and early September 2019.

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There were a few themes going in this group, including three Disney-inspired ideas, two NASA ideas, and two television ideas. Each design and fan designer deserves our respect and admiration for reaching this final stage. But as we all know, only one idea will be approved for production as a real LEGO set. Or maybe two. Or three. Or even none. It’s anybody’s guess what LEGO is going to do.

Speaking of guesses, we did pretty well back in December with our last LEGO Ideas prediction, correctly guessing the winner of the Vintage Car Contest. You can read both our predictions and our follow-up article from when the winner was announced.

Given our prior success, we thought we would try again by guessing who should win – and who will win – the second LEGO Ideas review. We’ll throw in an honorable mention as well, to cover our bets in case more than one winner is announced. 🙂

Who should win – Medieval Blacksmith

We’ve seen plenty of Disney sets and NASA sets in recent past, so as worthy as they may be, I’m going to rule out those 5 sets right from the start. The Office is coming too quickly after Friends so I’m going to pass on that one as well. Of the remaining 4, two of the designs are from two-time winners (the legendary JK Brickworks and Andrew Clark) and the third is from anothe rwinner, rising star Bricky Brick, who designed the incredible Pirate Bay that was one of three winners from the last LEGO Ideas review.

Okay, so that was a lot more analytical than I planned, but my “should win” choice all along was Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob. Namirob (aka Clemens Fiedler) has been one of my favorite LEGO Ideas designers for years. He is a 22-year old LEGO fan from Germany and he has paid his dues, with 10 previous LEGO Ideas designs that reached at least 1,000 supporters, including one that timed out with more than 8,700 votes.

Medieval Blacksmith stands out with its stone and timber design and the bold use of blue for the roof. The use of autumn theming is an appropriate match for an old structure that perhaps has seen better days.

But what always stood out to me the most about Medieval Blacksmith was how much it reminds me of the fan-favorite Old Fishing Store and perhaps more recently Pirate Bay. Medieval Blacksmith captures what I think is the best of LEGO Ideas, an original design loosely based on a classic LEGO theme from a designer who consistently turns out some truly stunning work. It’s a beautiful set and I hope that one day I can place it on my shelf next to my Old Fishing Store.

Who will win – The Seven Dwarfs’ House

Disney is a red-hot LEGO theme right now, graduating from kid-focused Princess-themed sets to more adult-geared builds like 2016’s massive The Disney Castle and 2019’s Disney Train and Station. Disney is no stranger to LEGO Ideas either, with previous winners like 2019’s Steamboat Willie and 2018’s Tron Legacy Light Cycle. And don’t get me started on all the Disney-owned, LEGO-themed properties like Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Even Pixar had a LEGO Ideas winner with 2015’s WALL-E, which I still to this day regret that I did not buy.

With three Disney entries in the 2019 second LEGO Ideas review stage, I’m placing my bets on The Seven Dwarfs’ House by Hanwasyellowfirst as the best of the lot. The details on this design are spot-on perfect, from the colors used in the house to the intricate stone chimney. The detailing is also expertly done, like the subtle birdhouse on the roof, the splash of green ivy over the doorway, and the wood tiles used to frame the windows. Inside, the design has a kitchen large enough to sit all seven dwarfs at the table for dinner, and a second floor bedroom with seven beds. Scroll through the pictures on the LEGO Ideas submission and you’ll even find Snow White and the Evil Queen in the back of the house. It’s a great design and I think the odds are good that it will end up on the shelves.

Honorable mention – Pursuit of Flight

Could JK Brickworks become the first 3-time LEGO Ideas winner with Pursuit of Flight? I wouldn’t be surprised. JK Brickworks is known for his mechanical builds, having previously won for the Labyrinth and then the Pop-Up Book. His latest entry in the 10k club features two planes weaving back and forth over the countryside. I love the compact design of this set and it’s worth checking out the video to watch the Sopwith Camel and Fokker Dr.1 in action. Like the Pop-Up Book, this set could be easily customized to replace the planes with, well, pretty much anything you wanted to build. Like its two predecessors, Pursuit of Flight has all the qualities of a winning Ideas set.

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