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Who will win the LEGO Ideas vintage car contest?

BrickGeekz predicts who we think should win - and will win - the Lego Ideas vintage car design contest.

Fan voting has closed for the vintage car contest over at LEGO Ideas. We cast our vote based on several different criteria, including the LEGO build techniques, styling, and which vehicle we thought would be the best fit for the current modular sets.

Did we accurately predict the winner? Let’s find out who we think should win the contest, as well as who we think will likely win the contest.

Who should win – Big Earl’s Delivery Truck

We cast our vote for Big Earl’s Delivery Truck by fan designer Manulit. In America, the first highway, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, opened in 1940. But the interstate highway system was not signed into law into 1956. The first highway to be built under the provisions of that law opened later that same year, but it would be some time before the interstate highway system truly began to take shape.

The 1950s, therefore, could be considered the golden age of the local delivery truck, when everything from milk to ice to mail was delivered directly to your home. So it was only fitting that we selected a delivery truck as our winning pick.

Four delivery trucks were selected by LEGO Ideas to be among the final 15 candidates, and we thought Big Earl’s Delivery Truck was the best. For starters, we loved the color combination of light blue with white trim. Big Earl himself is a perfectly selected minifigure,. He looks like he just walked off the baseplate of a LEGO modular set. In fact, when you see Big Earl in the image above, checking over his bill of sale as he makes his delivery, it’s easy to imagine this scene in from of almost any prior modular set. And that’s why we picked Big Earl’s Delivery Truck as our winning entry.

Who will win – Aedelsten deluxe

Aedelsten deluxe will be a hard submission to beat. For one thing, it’s the entry of a 10k Club member, Versteinert, who you may remember from Gilmore Girls – Lukes Diner. The design elements on this set are amazing, from the surfboard side panels to the ice skate hood ornament to the binocular fog lights to the inverted windshield. Yes, it’s a convertible and the LEGO modular sets already have a convertible. But we’d love to see this set win just to find out how all these pieces fit together.

Are either of these designs good enough to win the fan vote? Or will another vehicle come cruising down the road to win the coveted prize? The winner of the fan vote will be announced on December 11. Stay tuned to LEGO Ideas for the announcement, and then come back to the BrickGeekz Blog for our final analysis.

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