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Winners announced for the LEGO Ideas vintage car contest

The winning entry will be converted into a future gift with purchase set.

As we predicted last week, Aedelsten deluxe by Versteinert ran away with the competition and won the LEGO Ideas vintage car contest. In fact, Adelsten deluxe earned twice as many votes as the first runner up, Classic Classy Vintage Car by Schwimpyy.

As the winner of the contest, Adelsten deluxe will be offered as a LEGO gift with purchase at some point in the future. Fan designer Versteinert will also receive an impressive lot of LEGO sets and gifts, including two Creator Expert modular LEGO sets.

Our “should win” prediction, Big Earl’s Delivery Truck by Manulit, ended in a tie for third place with Vintage Ice Cream Truck by Gallen B. Second runner up went to Vintage LEGO Delivery Truck by TJJohn12 and fifth runner up went to Trucking like it’s 1939 by raimo.

The five runners-up will each receive several LEGO gifts including the Creator Expert modular set Downtown Diner.

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