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Clockwork Aquarium! achieves 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas

Clockwork Aquarium! joins 11 other sets in the third 2019 LEGO Ideas review.

Clockwork Aquarium! by fan designer mjsmiley is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The project will now advance to the third 2019 LEGO Ideas review for consideration as an official LEGO set. Clockwork Aquarium! joins 11 other projects that have already qualified for the review.

Clockwork Aquarium! features a complete aquarium filled with plants, coral, seashells, and a brick-built background display. A hand-turned crank makes the fish swim around the tank, a crab jump up and down, and a starfish spin in circles. View mjsmiley’s YouTube video to watch the aquarium in action.

In addition, the aquarium cabinet opens to reveal the gear mechanism for the tank plus storage for several fish food containers and a fish net.

Clockwork Aquarium! is the brainchild of Mark Smiley, who is a familiar name to the LEGO Ideas community. Mark was the co-creator of Rolling BB-8, a project that reached the LEGO Ideas review stage back in 2015.

Although Rolling BB-8 was not approved for production, Mark returned in 2018 with Cosmic Rocket Ride! (Coin-Operated), the grand prize winner for the LEGO Moments in Space competition. Cosmic Rocket Ride earned the distinction of being made into the first gift with purchase set based on a LEGO Ideas submission.

Our consensus at the BrickGeekz Blog is that Clockwork Aquarium! has a better than average chance of being approved as a future LEGO set. It’s an original design (not based on intellectual property) with the added bonus of an interactive play mechanism, something we don’t see often in LEGO Ideas sets. This beautiful display piece is full of the little details that LEGO loves to include in its sets, such as the diver’s helmet and Easter Island statue used to decorate the tank. We also love the realistic detailing of the display stand and the use of the lifebuoy part for the cabinet door handles.

The winner of the third 2019 review will be announced in 2020.

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