This week in LEGO Ideas – December 8, 2019

As we review projects in LEGO Ideas, we want to make sure we revisit older sets that have been on the site for a while. This week we are looking at submissions that we believe may have fallen through the cracks. These designs have not quite reached the 100 supporter limit and could use a boost from the BrickGeekz community to stay active for another year.

Do you agree with our selections? Click on the links below to see more details on these worthy projects and then click the blue Support button at LEGO Ideas to help keep them alive.

Miniature Train Set 3

If you’ve ever seen a train on LEGO Ideas, there’s a good chance it was submitted by cheeseinthepie. This young designer has a stunning 135 entries. He’s submitted both real builds and virtual builds and taken on some unique challenges along the way, like building 3-in-1 designs and incorporating motorized engines in his trains. One of his more creative ideas is to use the new roller coaster tracks to build miniature railroads. Miniature Train Set 3 is his third such design and features three trains plus a switching device that transfers trains from one track to the other. His support count is currently at 81 with this design and he needs our help to reach the 100 supporter mark and earn another year at LEGO Ideas.

Powered UP GP38 Locomotive

We’ll give cheeseinthepie a bonus endorsement for Powered UP GP38 Locomotive, a “semi-accurate replica of a GP38 locomotive”. The design is brightly colored with white and grey plus orange trim and includes two minifigure conductors. Like many of cheeseinthepie’s trains, the design can accommodate a LEGO Powered Up element. Another creative touch is that by swapping just a few parts, you can convert the train from a low-hood design to a high-hood design. That may not mean anything if you’re not a fan of trains, but if you view the YouTube video that “cheese” has created, you’ll see how cool this is.

Getaway Cabin

Getaway Cabin by RynardP deserves a closer look. The home image for this idea doesn’t quite give a sense of how much is going on here. It cleverly uses 1x1x2/3 plates with outside bow to create the feel of an authentic log cabin. The downstairs has a kitchen, bathroom, and work desk, while the upstairs has a bedroom loft. The outside porch has a table for two and a very well-designed grill. An ATV and solar panels are some of the subtle touches that finish out the build. Give this set a closer look and you will likely give it your support as well.

Sasquatch Safari

I randomly picked another set from the same designer so it’s our second endorsement for RynardP. There’s something slightly creepy about the Sasquatch who is stalking the three campers in Sasquatch Safari. But I’m very partial to LEGO nature builds. This build includes a waterfall with a secret cave behind it, plus a forest full of trees. And the staging of the images is creative and entertaining. This idea has just 60 supporters with a few weeks left but we feel it deserves another year on the site.

European Cargo Trailer

European Cargo Trailer by first-time designer PepperSoda is another design that we really love. I particularly like how the trailer is built using side-vertically attached plates instead of bricks. The rear door also has a vertical mounting as well made up of grille plates and bars with clips. The cabin is spacious enough for two minifigures. European Cargo Trailer has 83 votes with 18 days remaining so be sure to check it out and consider lending your support.

Antique Box with Baoding Balls

Our final recommendation as we review sets with less than 100 supporters and less than 30 days remaining is Antique Box with Baoding Balls by another first time designer, A little bit different. Another real build, the detailing on this box includes everything from whips to tassels to conical Asian hats. Interlocking white and orange cheese slopes create a unique design on the lid. Inside are the blue and white boading balls. The design was inspired by a trip abroad where street sellers would sell hand-crafted wood boxes that “were beautiful and of the highest quality”. Since the boxes were too big to bring home, “A little bit different” decided to reconstruct the box out of LEGO. With 60 supporters and just 19 days reamining, we believe this design deserves a second chance and with your support it can easily reach the 100 supporters required to remain active for another year.  

Working Waterfall – with Continuous Flowing Water!

Finally, I have to include a beautiful new design submitted this week that is already racking up the well-deserved support votes. I’ve spent some time on LEGO Ideas and even designed some waterfall MOCs myself, so I know a thing or two about LEGO waterfalls. First off, Working Waterfall – with Continuous Flowing Water by LEGOParadise is simply a beautiful design. With a rocky cliff, mountain trees, a hiker and a golden eagle, and even a complete cave system and mine, there is so much detail packed into this set. But that’s not the amazing part. What makes this submission stunning is that the waterfall actually works, delivering a continuous flow of transparent blue studs rushing over the falls. Click on the links above to check it out, and be sure to watch the Youtube video that shows how it works.

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