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LEGO Creator Bookshop – First impressions

What does the BrickGeekz community think about the new 2020 modular set? Let's find out.

This week saw the announcement of the 2020 entry into the popular LEGO modular series. The new set is titled “Bookshop”. It’s a deviation from the sets of the last few years. Instead of featuring one large commercial-type building, the brightly colored new modular set includes two independent, detachable structures: a three-level bookshop and a two-level townhome. (Well, the townhome does have a half-sized basement so I guess it counts as three levels as well.)

Set Details

Before we dig into the initial reactions from the BrickGeekz Community, let’s break down the stats.


Like all new modular sets, the Bookshop will be available on the first day of the new year (January 1, 2020).


The Bookshop will retail for $179 USD. This is $10 more than the 2018 modular set (Downtown Diner) and $20 less than last year’s design (Corner Garage).


The Bookshop will include 2504 pieces. This is 14 pieces more than Downtown Diner and 65 pieces less than Corner Garage. Also, the Bookshop includes 5 minifigures while both the Downtown Diner and Corner Garage included 6 minifigures.

BrickGeekz Community first impressions

While reaction across social media was somewhat mixed, the response from the BrickGeekz Community on both Facebook and on Instagram was generally positive. We read through all the comments and noticed the following impressions.


Reaction to the bright colors of the Bookshop and adjoining townhome was positive. “Love the color combination” wrote one Facebook follower, while another said “Love the color & tone”. Another follower, however, did not quite feel the same, stating “I do think this one is very drab without any character compared to previous ones.”


Many in the BrickGeekz community found the design comparable to some of the most popular older modular sets, including the Pet Shop and the Green Grocer. The split design, which allows the bookshop and townhome to be separated and placed anywhere in a modular display, was a hit, as was the birch tree outside the bookshop half of the build. “The birch tree in front of the Bookshop is a nice touch,” one follower wrote. Another follower, however, was more cautious, noting the tree “might not fit in with some of the other modulars with natural trees.”


At $179 USD, price will certainly be an issue for most LEGO fans. As one follower said, “I can’t help but think it’s quite expensive for what it is compared to say the Diner and the much bigger Assembly Square.” Other followers, however, noted they would buy more than one copy of the set.

BrickGeekz Blog first impressions

How do the writers at the BrickGeekz Blog feel about the new modular set? Let’s find out.

Gary’s first impressions

The more I look at this set, the more it’s growing on me. My hometown has several small independent bookshops in old residential buildings downtown, so the new Bookshop’s concept has a very familiar feel for me. It reminds me of home.

I’m a fan of big colors and I especially love the teal on the townhome. It’s a throwback to the classic LEGO sets I grew up with in the early 1980s, when the color palate was still very basic and all the buildings were either red, blue, yellow, or white. Both the Corner Garage and the Downtown Diner are a bit too muted for my tastes. I’m pleased to see a return to the more colorful designs of Assembly Square, the Parisian Restaurant, and the Detective’s Office.

I think the split baseplates will also be a big hit for the set. I’ve often thought that a smaller modular set — 16 x 32 instead of 32 x 32 — would be a welcome addition to the series. While this isn’t exactly what I had in mind (it’s still one LEGO set rather than two independent sets), I am looking forward to seeing how LEGO fans add the Bookshop and townhome to their existing modular cities.

My biggest concern is the interior. LEGO modular sets are known for packing items into every possible corner of the set. Based on the initial images released online, the Bookshop interior looks to be a little on the sparse side. Now granted, my modulars are mainly display pieces and not play pieces, so it may not be a huge issue in the end. The the released photos could be misleading or simply show the wrong angles. I’ll just have to keep an open mind and hope that the real interior is more detailed than it first appears.

Phils First impressions

Firstly I would like to say in my personal opinion this design is a lot closer to the second Modular building, Market street 10190 One of the holy grails from the LEGO Creator Modular Building line. 2nd inline to the fabled Cafe corner. These first two modular building lacked any interior.

The problem I find with these European style buildings within the modular sets, is they don’t fit in so well. The really do stick out, maybe that’s a good think or a bad thing.

I am super impressed with the new tiles on the roofs of the bookstore using a modified flat stud, this is new and with great effect it was the first thing i noticed when looking at the new modular, then the arched windows. Another fantastic feature and I am extremely curious to see how this plays out in the build, of course we all wanted a bookstore. Obligatory for any town. LEGO are really going vibrant in colours with the new modular buildings, and it is excellent to see the builds change over time. For example the corner garage, this was a fantastic build, new in design, but do they all fit so well together ????? which to me is very important. I also noticed the 1 x 4 blue modified plate stuck in the tree on the outside of the New modular bookstore, on closer inspection I see its a remote control plane stuck, Another awesome touch. And this is why LEGO is so perfect, quality and touch, This is just another example of LEGO and its prowess. Beautiful design and quality. Though lacking on interior this should have been capitalized on with a more lavish bookstore, larger interior and maybe less of the house attached to it, Though I do get that sense of, stuffiness. Of which we must all have experienced at least once in our lives, were just missing that old bookstore smell

We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below!

For more information

The Bookshop is already posted on the LEGO website, including more photos, product specifications, and cost information. Check it out and let us know what you think about the design in the comment section below.

6 comments on “LEGO Creator Bookshop – First impressions

  1. Looking forward to The bookshop modular,loving the colours

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it is growing on me. I do like the white trim outlining both buildings. It’s a pleasant look.


    • The color combinations are great. I didn’t write this in the article but I really like how the curved plates are used in the bookstore. It all flows together really well. I’m looking forward to building this.


  3. Daniel Schnable

    I’m actually a fan of this and love the colours and think that it’s quite clever especially the Birch Books being next to a Birch Tree as well. I do think the price is a little steep and £20 less for me would have been more attractive. Loving the blog btw, one thing that also might help fellow BrickGeekz is having the prices in British pounds/Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars as it could good information for our international group of brick addicts.


    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! You’re absolutely right about the pricing, that was an oversight on my part. I’ve enjoyed watching our stats and seeing all the countries that are logging in to check out the blog. We’ll be sure to include more detailed pricing in our future posts.


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