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Two New Sets Announced for LEGO Ideas

Medieval Blacksmith and Winnie the Pooh are approved for production as official LEGO sets.

This morning LEGO announced the results of the Second 2019 LEGO Ideas Review on their blog and in a special Livestream event. Of the 11 proposals that were under consideration, two were revealed to be winners of the review. These two sets will move ahead to the production stage and be released in the future as official LEGO sets.

Medieval Blacksmith

Medieval Blacksmith is the creation of LEGO Ideas user Namirob, better known as Clemens Fielder, a 22-year old LEGO fan from Germany. In our earlier review of the sets that were under consideration, we felt that Medieval Blacksmith stood out for its stone and timber design and the bold use of blue for the roof. The use of autumn theming is an appropriate match for an old structure that perhaps has seen better days. It reminded us of a classic fan-favorite LEGO Ideas set, The Old Fishing Store, and we’re delighted that Medieval Blacksmith was approved for production.

Winnie the Pooh

We felt confident that one of the three Disney-inspired sets would be approved as a LEGO Ideas winner and that set turned out to be Winnie the Pooh by benlouisa, aka Ben Alder. This set includes Winnie the Pooh’s home in the 100 Acre Wood, featuring a removable house roof and hidden nesting area inside the tree. Winner the Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Piglet, and Eyeore are all proposed as minifigures for the set.

What’s Next?

Twelve sets qualified for the Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review. You can view the project designs here on the BrickGeekz Blog. The results of the next review stage will be announced later this year.

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