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Review – LEGO promotional gift 40338 Christmas tree

Join us for a look at the 2019 Christmas promotional gift, the 40338 Christmas Tree!

LEGO is awesome, its just a normal fact of life. Perfectly made, high in quality and packing. Excellent playability. The finer touches are there to impress even the most hardened of non LEGO fans, and this ethos has even spread onto the smaller builds , this includes the free seasonal promotion gifts that LEGO give away every year if you spend a certain amount of money. Kudos to LEGO.

So for quite some years now LEGO during the holiday season, has given away some pretty awesome free gifts, providing you spend a certain amount of money, usually of which is £80 – £100 These sets are extremely ornate and are there to accompany your Christmas decor.

Here is a look at some of the finer discontinued Promotional Gifts that LEGO has given away over the past several years.

This just a few of the many gifts that LEGO given away during the holiday season. The 2015 gingerbread house was my favorite and still up there with the best – but I have to be honest- there is a new Christmas kid (set) in town, and it comes in the shape of LEGO set 40338 Christmas tree.

Firstly to obtain this free gift you will either have to go to LEGO.com or your Nearest LEGO store and spend £100 – yes i really just did say that £100. Lets be honest though it is xmas time your possibly going to buy quite a bit of LEGO and LEGO don’t really need to create these awesome free gifts as you Probably would be going into to LEGO to buy them any way . So ignoring the haters who say “Its not free” it most certainly is free. And i love it.

This set is a beast of a promotional gift – 392 pieces comprise of this beautifully presented gift, that is almost double the piece count of previous gifts,. Not as big as the newer gingerbread house 40337 which has a humongous 481 pieces

When you open the box you are presented with 2 bags and instructions. Again i was in awe of the quality of this free set. LEGO have spared no expense in bringing us a brilliant free gift.

Anyone who has looked as this beauty before will know that, when you turn the star clockwise, the miniature trains at the bottom of the base rotates. Genius, so well planned . There are two trains at the base of the tree that are made from simple black studs , 2 x 1 plates and flat plates, and there was a roller skate thrown into the mix, so much detail such a small space. For me to be able to visually incorposte a vehicle, a building in fact anything that is clearly identifiable as an object from such a small piece count is truly fascinating. And LEGO are masters of this, the finer detail, and the ability to be able to identify what you are looking at, using only 5 – 10 pieces .. Perfect.

Ok i am going to cut to the short here. I loved this set when LEGO announced this as a free gift, and I adore it even more now its built and proudly shown in my Christmas display, by simply going to the £1 store and purchasing and placing some LEDs that sit perfectly in between the baubles and crystals that adorn the tree. I can only say it simply looks amazing and stands at a whopping 22 cm high tha’ts a pretty neat free gift.

vedict 9/ 10

This set is free, large takes about 40 minutes to build. Get some LEDs and place them between multi coloured balls and crystals and you really have a mini Xmas tree.

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3 comments on “Review – LEGO promotional gift 40338 Christmas tree

  1. Looks ace with the lights on. Can’t wait to build mine.


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