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This week in Lego Ideas – December 1, 2019

Which fan-designed Lego sets are our top picks for December 1, 2019?

It was a busy week at Lego Ideas. If you have not caught up with your BrickGeekz news, you can cast your vote in the vintage car contest and find out who won the “Recreating a Magical Harry Potter™ Holiday Scene!” contest. You can also head over to Lego Ideas to read the 10k Club Interview with two-time Ideas fan designer Andrew Clark, who is back in the Review Stage with his latest design, Thunderbirds Are Go.

But once again, we wanted to turn our focus to what we believe are some other winning designs that are just starting the climb toward Lego fame and fortune. We hope that by doing our part to elevate these submissions, we can encourage their designers to continue their hard work and build upon their skills, as well as inspire you to do the same.

So here we go, our top Lego Ideas picks for the week ending December 1, 2019.

Vintage Bus

Several vehicles that did not make the final round of fan voting in the vintage car contest have been submitted as regular product ideas, and one of our favorites is Vintage Bus by BricksBoy Studio. This old-school bus is built on a frame of just 6 x 18 x 8 bricks, yet it has room for a driver and 3 passengers and even 2 pigs (although they have to ride on the roof). Also featuring two opening doors, an opening engine hood, and enough accessories to, well, to stuff a bus, we hope to find this bus cruising down the streets of our modular city one day.

Maximum Security Prison

Jail cells have been included with Lego sets as long as there have been Lego police stations (and castles, for that matter). But fan designer GabKremo brings us an entire Maximum Security Prison to lock up your most dangerous Lego criminals. GabKremo has already been making waves (no pun intended … well, okay, pun intended) with The Dock, a pier and restaurant combination inspired one of our favorite Lego Ideas winners, The Old Fishing Store. Maximum Security Prison features everything you would expect in a prison, including multiple prison cells, an exercise yard, medical clinic, dining hall, watch tower, and even a prison bus.

Christmas Candle Arch

With Christmas just around the corner, several holiday-themed designs have shown up on Lego Ideas and our favorite is The Christmas Candle Arch by first-time submitter Golfplatz. So much is going on in this fun winter design built with real bricks. An arch made of railroad tracks is cleverly hidden behind a coating of white plant leaf elements, adorned with 9 angels, Lego candles, and a ski lift gondola car. Below is a mountain top full of skiers and snowboarders heading down for hot drinks at the ski lodge, while gold miners are hard at work underneath the ground. I counted at least 15 minifigures in this submission, including a caveman frozen in the snow. We love this set and I personally gave it the 100th support vote. We hope it receives many more.

Cities in Sections: Going Underground!

Our fourth and final pick this week is another creative spin on the above ground/under ground theme. It’s Cities in Sections: Going Underground! by first-time designer John Harvey. What amazed us the most is this entire build is set on a 16 x 16 base. On the top you have a two-story building featuring an architect office, coffee stand, and the entrance to London’s famous Underground. Travel down the cleverly designed escalator to catch a ride on the Tube. John Harvey’s design submission features numerous custom-designed tiles but our favorite touch is all the way down at the base, where “London” is spelled out using only six 1 x 1 round tiles.

And that’s it for this week’s review. Click on the Ideas link at the top of our blog for other news and reviews from the world of Lego Ideas.

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