LEGO Re-Brands the “Fairground Collection” with the New 10273 Haunted House

LEGO's new entry in the Fairground Collection is sure to give you chills and thrills.

The LEGO Group issued a press release today announcing the 2020 addition to what is now being branded as the “Fairground Collection”. The new set, 10273 Haunted House, will be available to VIP members starting on May 20, 2020 and at and in LEGO Stores on June 1, 2020.

The new Haunted House set includes 3,231 pieces, including 7 human minifigures, 2 ghost minifigures, and 1 skeleton minifigure. The dimensions are 26.5” (68cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide, and 9” (25cm) deep. The model’s exterior opens to provide access to the detailed interior, which includes a working free-fall ride plus automatic doors at the top of the tower. LEGO Powered Up components (available separately) can be added to control the elevator via the Powered Up app.

One of the more interesting points (interesting to me anyway) in the LEGO press release is the re-branding of the amusement park sets as the “Fairground Collection”. Older amusement park sets, such as 10261 Roller Coaster from 2019, were branded as Creator Expert sets. Creator Expert is a broad term that covers a range of advanced building sets, from modular buildings (10270 Bookshop) to cars (10271 Fiat 500) to the winter holiday sets (10267 Gingerbread House). The new 10271 Haunted House drops the Creator Expert tag in favor of the “Fairground Collection”, and uses the darker themed box packaging that we’ve seen earlier this year with sets like 75275 A-wing Starfighter. This set comes also with a coffee-table-style instruction booklet.

According to the press release, Senior Marketing Manager Anders Hellegaard Iversen explains the new branding as follows:

“So many of our older builders love the Creator Expert products, as they allow them to show off their passion for the bricks. Whether it’s their favorite film moments, sport icons, travel destinations, buildings, fairgrounds or vehicles, LEGO sets help to bring these to life in brick form. That’s also why we have decided to stop using the Creator Expert branding and, instead, use the new adult-focused packaging design to make it clearer which hobbies or brand products they can relate to. We hope this will make it easier for fans to track down models they would be proud to display once completed. Of course, our product range will continue to include the same advanced-build, collectible products that guarantee hours of building enjoyment for fans.”

We’d love to hear your opinions on both the Haunted House and the new marketing direction for the LEGO Fairground Collection. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to the BrickGeekz Blog for all the latest LEGO news.

2 comments on “LEGO Re-Brands the “Fairground Collection” with the New 10273 Haunted House

  1. leerowley07

    Looks great, seems a tad costly comparing this with some other Lego sets… Not one for me at this price

    Liked by 1 person

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