BrickGeekz Is Hosting a Free Raffle to Win a Full Set of Series 19 Minifigures!

Enter on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win a full Series 19 Minifigure collection!

BrickGeekz is currently running a free raffle with a chance to win a full set of the series 19 minifigures. Series 19 was released in September 2019 and includes 16 minifigures, including such favorites as Video Game Champ, Shower Guy, and Fright Knight.

Official images of all 16 minifigures are included at the end of this blog post. The series retired earlier this year.

To enter the raffle, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Join the BrickGeekz – The Community Facebook group and/or like The_BrickGeekz on Instagram.
  2. Like the raffle announcement post on either Facebook, Instagram, or both. Yes, you enter twice! But only once on each site.
  3. Tag a friend in the post. Positive comments are optional but we love to hear them!

You’ll receive a reply with your ticket number for the raffle. That’s it! Good luck to everyone and thank you for being a valued member of our community!

1. Video Game Champ

2. Shower Guy


3. Fright Knight

4. Monkey King

5. Programmer

6. Mummy Queen

7. Jungle Explorer

8. Fire Fighter

9. Dog Sitter

10. Pizza Costume Guy

11.Galactic Bounty Hunter

12. Gardener

13. Rugby Player

14. Fox Costume Girl

15. Bear Costume Guy

16. Mountain Biker

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