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This week in Lego Ideas – November 24, 2019

Check out our picks for the best Lego Ideas submissions for the week ending November 24, 2019!

Let’s be honest … we’ve all dreamed of walking through the toy section at our local store and finding our Lego design on the shelves. Lego Ideas is the official fan-supported website that puts that fantasy within our grasp.

But taking your idea from a vision to reality is a long and difficult road. For starters, you need a novel concept, a great design, and stunning images. And that’s the easy part. The real challenge is gathering 10,000 supporters to reach the Lego design review. Even then, only a handful of sets pass the review stage and make it to the shelves.

Here at the BrickGeekz blog, we are huge fans of Lego Ideas. So we wanted to use our blog to highlight designs that we feel deserve a little extra support from our awesome community. We may not be able to drive the 10,000 supporters needed to reach the Design Review stage. But we do hope that by showcasing our favorite ideas and asking you to support them, we can encourage their designers to continue their hard work and expand upon their skills. And one day, maybe, they too can join the elite ranks of the Lego fan designers.

And so we begin, by highlighting our favorite ideas submitted for the week ending November 24, 2019.

Gnome Cottage

Gnome Cottage is a fun little set from first time submitter LegoHobbitFan7. And it looks like a real build, based on the just-slightly-out-of-focus photo. Lego already has sets based on an elf theme and soon we will be seeing trolls, so a gnome set will fit right in home with the Lego brand. We’d like to see more photos, especially of the interior, but this is a great first submission and we wish LegoHobbitFan7 well.

Land Airline

Land Airline landed on the coveted ” Editor’s Top 5 Product Ideas Under 100 Supporters ” list and it’s easy to see why. This set features bold colors and even provides an alternate color theme representing the rich history of the Douglas DC-3 aircraft. The description alone is worth a read. Designer mohan has already cranked out 8 impressive sets in just the last 2 months and is close to joining the 1000 supporter club with his Small Cafe. We can’t wait to see what mohan submits next.

LEGO Guitar

We’re always impressed with a great Lego musical instrument, and LEGO Guitar by RJMBrickNerd even comes with a case! It looks like a real build, which we always like to see, and anyone with “Nerd” in their user name will be a favorite with us at BrickGeekz. LEGO Guitar could use some help to get to the 100 supporter milestone so check it out and give it your support.


We’re not quite sure what Clangers are — apparently they are based on a television show from 1969 — but these two characters from fan designer Juststb are just adorably cute. This is the second Lego Ideas submission from Juststb, the first being another pink-faced figure collection, Scottish Piper. Both designs need your support to cross the 100 supporter threshold so make sure you check them out.

Aussie Outback Shack

Our final pick for this week is Aussie Outback Shack. It’s the 10th submission from fan designer OzBuilder and we see a lot of potential here. Now we admit the renders could be better but there are a lot of great touches here such as the windmill, rain barrel, and outhouse. While we don’t quite understand the fascination with Lego bathrooms (and we plan to explore that subject in a future BrickGeekz Blog post), the outhouse is a perfect touch for this modest little home.

And that’s a wrap! Click on the links above to visit these projects and give them your support. Let us know in our comments what you think of our picks. And as always, subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with the latest Lego news and reviews.

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