LEGO Announces the Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars A-wing Starfighter

The A-wing Starfighter gets the Ultimate Collector Series treatment in the new LEGO set announced today.

For some reason, I’ve always had a fondness for the A-wing starfighter. It’s a quirky little Star Wars ship that first appeared in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, where perhaps its biggest contribution to the Battle of Endor was crashing into the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Executor, which in turn caused the much larger ship to crash into the Second Death Star.

LEGO has released several A-wing starfighter sets over the years, including the recent 75248 – Resistance A-Wing Starfighter, which we reviewed for the BrickGeekz blog. But today LEGO announced the latest ship in their Star Wars Ultimate Collector series, and yes, it’s the A-wing Starfighter.

The new set checks in at 1,673 pieces and includes an all-new minifigure pilot. The set also includes a removable canopy, pivoting laser cannons, and the customary display stand for Star Wars Ultimate Collector sets.

The Ultimate Collector Star Wars A-wing Starfighter will be available on May 1 for $199 USD, just in time for your “May the Fourth” celebration. Additional images and details for the new set are now available on the LEGO website.

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