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“Snow-groomer PRINOTH LEITWOLF” Achieves 10,000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

"Snow-groomer PRINOTH LEITWOLF" is the 14th project to join the First 2020 LEGO Ideas Review.

Catching up on some news from last week, the First 2020 LEGO Ideas Review keeps growing more and more crowded as the 14th project, Snow-groomer PRINOTH LEITWOLF by redera00, reached the 10,000 supporter milestone. First submitted more than 2 years ago, this project achieved a remarkable surge of support in the last few weeks to earn the required number of supporters with only 13 days to spare.

According to the LEGO Ideas submission, “The LEITWOLF is the top of the range snow-groomer from the Tyrolian firm PRINOTH. It is a powerful machine able to prepare the ski slopes: the front blade removes the bumps, while the rear tiller transforms small blocks of ice in fresh snow. A winch is mounted at the back and compensates the loss of traction on steep slopes.”

The submission description also notes that “The model is fully remote-controlled, and all the functionalities of the real model are working.”

You can the 13 other projects that already qualified for the First 2020 LEGO Ideas Review on the Ideas page of the BrickGeekz Blog. You can also read read our blog post the 12 projects that are currently under consideration for the Third 2019 LEGO Ideas Review. Results of both LEGO Ideas reviews will be announced later this year.

Several more LEGO Ideas projects are racking up supporters and will reach the 10,000 supporter mark soon, with at least one likely in the next few days. Make sure you subscribe to the BrickGeekz Blog for all the latest LEGO news and reviews.

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